This week we sat down with our very own, Leisa Roberts. You may know her as our founder and the often the face of our growing brand, but we wanted our followers and clients to understand more about how Brow HQ came to be!

Q. How long have you worked in the Beauty industry?  

A. Eek, I’ve been around for quite a while! I graduated from the Lillian Maund School of Beauty in 1992 as a Beauty Therapist, went straight to work in a salon and then onto working for some of the big beauty houses. I then had a change of career but came back into beauty and where my passion lay in 2009. So, I guess 20 years..gosh that makes me sound old!   

Q. It’s obvious that beauty, and more importantly Brows is your passion. Tell us something you’re passionate about that may surprise our clients!

A. It sure is.. well when I’m not immersed into my world of brows.. my son, family, friends and little daschund is where my true love lies and those that know me well, know that the outdoors/mountains and skiing is a big part of our lives through my son. I am hugely passionate about self-development though will always find me in the kitchen at home or in the car with an inspiring podcast, at 6am meditating or writing in my daily gratitude journal. I think in this busy world we live in its so important to take time for yourself and to feed your mind with positive things..and this year more than most that’s been my lifeline. 

Q. With decades of experience and hundreds of positive reviews, you’ve built up an amazing reputation within the Brow industry in relation to your treatments and training academy. Why did you decide to branch out into launching products? (At Home Lamination Kit & Skinny Brow Pencil)

A. It’s always been my dream. I had a vision and dream many years ago when I first started in the industry of having a range of products that would deliver happiness and build confidence. I’m also a great believer that things happen when the time is right and had been working away on launching the Skinny Pencil in the background after having feedback from clients that they couldn’t find a brow pencil that delivered. When lockdown hit and the salon had to close, I just knew that it was now or never and the time was right. Its been so exciting! We are still learning every step of the way but delighted to be launching product no. 3 next month and hope our customers love it as much as we do. 

Q. What advice would you give to any of the younger generation coming up in this industry?

A. I think my biggest piece of advice would have to be invest in the best quality training you can afford. As with most things in life cheaper options often result in poor quality and if you are investing in a change of career its not an area where you can afford to accept anything other than the best. A good quality training programme will give you the best chance of future success. From then on it’s really about commitment and focus, you have to committed to your chosen path and try not to deviate too much for the best results.   

Q. We think we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as this pandemic comes up to a year. What have you been doing to remain positive and keep the team moving in the right direction?

A. All of the above really, the daily routine of meditation and exercise help me personally and the daily/weekly to do lists and planners generally me focused and on track. I meet up with the team every week via zoom and together we set goals and plans for the week, we’ve also been investing in online training and polishing up on our techniques to make sure we stay ‘in the zone’ and keep moving forward. Like everyone, I have had my moments though..there have been some weeks when it’s been really tough but we have to keep digging deep and allow ourselves the odd ‘blip’.  We have such a great team of likeminded people that have the same end goal in sight so we tend to spur each other on.      

Q. To finish, what are you looking forward to most after lockdown with Brow HQ?

A. Seeing our clients again and being together as a team without question. It may sound cliche but it really is true. We are in our industry as our real passion is not just about creating beautiful brows, it’s about making people happy and feel more confident. When we don’t have that true sense of purpose it feels like we’re a little lost. It’s been great to be able to offer at home treatments, as the responses from our new product customers have kept us going but there’s nothing quite like the tears of joy or happy smiles from a client that has been struggling with having uneven or no brows to having perfect arches. Brows make such a difference and that’s what it’s all about for us..people and bringing happiness.  


If you’re wanting to book your next appointment, our diary is officially open! If you can’t wait, take a look at our at-home products to give you fierce brows from the comfort of you own home!