This week we caught up with our very own, Shelly Murray. You may know her as one of our incredible Elite Brow Artists, but we wanted our followers and clients to understand more about Shelly’s passion for the industry and the journey that led to her to joining the team at Brow HQ.

Q. Hey Shelly, we know this lockdown feels like it’s lasted forever(!!), but how long have you actually been with Brow HQ? 

A. I have had the pleasure of working with Leisa (our Founder) since September 2019 

Q. What would you say your favourite thing is about your job? 

A. There are so many positives. I get to meet some amazing people and hear their stories, some have become friends for life. We also get a few characters as well. I am doing something that I truly love everyday making our clients feel amazing.  I am so well supported by Leisa in every way and we have the most gorgeous team around us that support and value each other and each other’s opinions. I am learning all the time and constantly improving myself. We laugh a lot!

Q. Before training in brows, it may come as a surprise to some of our readers that you were actually in the NHS, what was that like? 

A. Yes, I worked for 16 years as Clinicial Lead Therapist for Orthopaedics and Surgery

Q. Why did you did leave the NHS?

A. As you can imagine it was a very dynamic, full-on challenging role and for the time I was doing it I loved it. However,  after having my little boy in 2016 my priorities completely shifted and it made me have a real think about my work/home role. I needed to make the change both mentally and physically, I was traveling two hours a day to work. I needed the flexibility also, it was a big decision both emotionally and financially to change careers. It worked out for me and proved to me that you have to be your own best advocate, challenge yourself and do what’s right for you and those around you. It can be done!!  

Q. Over the last year, it feels like people are understanding the pressure on the NHS more than ever. Why do you think it’s so important that the NHS receives the recognition it deserves?

A. It’s a tricky one, I don’t think anyone will ever understand what it’s like in the NHS unless you have experienced it. Pressure describes the NHS so well, from the moment you put a foot on the ward you’re there totally in body, mind and soul.You experience a lot of what each patient is going through and that’s tough sometimes.You are so many roles, friend, medical support, emotional support, counselling, enabler…. the list is endless.

 A number of my friends are continuing to work during the pandemic and they have described it as an emotional rollercoaster. They are tired. They have given up so much of their own lives and families to mind our families. They deserve so much I don’t think any reward will ever be big enough.  

Q. What advice would you give anyone wanting to train in brow artistry or take the leap from the NHS?

A. GO FOR IT. End of. Everyone’s story is different and there will be a number of things you have to consider personally; your family, finances, etc. But it’s so worth it!

Q. To finish, what are you looking forward to most after lockdown with Brow HQ?

A. I cannot wait to hug and hug some more. And also see my family in Ireland that I miss and just enjoy the little things we took for granted.  


If you’re wanting to book your next appointment, we’re still taking bookings for in the coming months. If you can’t wait, take a look at our at-home products to give you fierce brows from the comfort of you own home!