Dani G

At Brow HQ we are all about confidence, self-love and most importantly accepting our true selves.

Of course, we want all of our clients to feel their absolute best when leaving our salon, whether that be from a treatment that they have had or from a product that they have tried. However, we cannot express enough about how confidence is a thing that is much deeper than the surface. No brow lamination (no matter how fluffy and glossy) will give you confidence that we all deserve to feel, that comes from within! 

This is why our team at Brow HQ is beyond excited to be collaborating with the gorgeous, talented, and radiant Dani G!

For those who don’t know, Dani is a makeup artist who is on a mission to spread positive awareness and redefine beauty standards within our society – go girl! She is incredibly open with her medical condition, alopecia which she has had since she was just 2 years old. Dani has been sharing her story with the world now for the past 3 years, showcasing all of the ups and the downs that come along with the condition. When talking with Dani about her goals in life (which included products she wants to launch) we knew straight away that Brow HQ had to be a part of this journey. 

Dani says she has always been very accepting of her alopecia and has never let it stop her from doing anything she has wanted to do, which is why she is so keen to spread awareness to stop others out there thinking that they are alone. Though, it’s not always an easy to do, she does have her bad days (like the rest of us!) Dani has spoken on her YouTube channel about her journey with confidence. When she was 14, she started to lose her brow hairs and eyelashes and that’s when she started to feel as though she looked ‘ill’. She started to look at herself differently to how she did before, and this really knocked her confidence and self-love.

Instead of letting her condition define her, Dani has turned her insecurity into a product which will help so many of us who also struggle with having little / no brow hair. 

Ourselves, here at Brow HQ and Dani are proud to announce our very own brow transfers!  

Our transfers will give you the ultimate guide to fill in your brows, say hello to the most natural looking, perfectly defined, shaped and detailed brows that you’ve always imagined having. The design of these transfers have been in the works for a long time as we wanted them to be nothing but perfect for you all, believe me when I tell you every brow stroke was drawn with love and extreme precision to give you your dream brows!  

We hope that you will love these transfers as much as we do and that they will hopefully become a stable product in your routine!

Say goodbye to brow mapping breakdowns and hello to your dream brows... Dani G products coming soon!

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