Dani G

At Brow HQ we are all about confidence, self-love and most importantly accepting our true selves.

Of course, we want all of our clients to feel their absolute best when leaving our salon, whether that be from a treatment that they have had or from a product that they have tried. However, we cannot express enough about how confidence is a thing that is much deeper than the surface. No brow lamination (no matter how fluffy and glossy) will give you confidence that we all deserve to feel, that comes from within! 

Danielle Gilbert, 24 is a beauty influencer from Newcastle and has suffered with alopecia since the age of one. She has always used her platform to raise awareness of her condition with the hopes of changing society’s perceptions of beauty standards.

Over the years, she has grown a huge following on both her instagram and Tik Tok by creating beauty looks catering to those with alopecia or other hair loss conditions on her social media.


See HERE for her TIK TOK

Leisa Roberts, founder of Brow HQ in Chester was overwhelmed hearing Dani’s life story and after experiencing her own issues with hair thinning and insecurity, was compelled to help.

“Having really fine hair myself growing up I know just how it feels to be lacking in confidence as a result of this. I started working with the Alopecia Society a couple of years before I met Dani and it really upset me to see the lack of support there is for those suffering from hair loss conditions – especially from the beauty industry. After a lot of research and both of us realising there was nothing similar out there, we decided to go it alone & create our own product.

There was nothing in supermarkets or on major retailers without trawling the internet. And even when you did find them, the product was low quality, didn’t look anything special and didn’t last longer than a few hours at best.

We are changing the nation’s perception of beauty standards and can’t wait to see where the Brow HQ Dani G Collection goes next!”

   Leisa – Director, Brow HQ

The transfers contain ten designs and can be used by individuals who are currently living with alopecia or hair loss as well as those undergoing cancer treatment which as a result of treatment can lead to hair loss.

“With this collaboration, we really wanted to just help people gain and grow confidence while transforming their image. Having had alopecia all my life, I understand the impact something like this can have not only on confidence, but self acceptance. Hair loss sufferers lack products that are modern and affordable; with Brow HQ I’ve been able to create an affordable product that is both modern and stylish and provides a little helping hand for those who are struggling on their journey. I know for myself, it would have made my life a little easier.” 

   Dani G

Both Leisa and Dani are incredibly passionate about bringing the product to market with the final designs taking over 18 months to perfect. Their aim is to have the product accessible to all and being stocked in all major beauty retailers in the UK.

A close-up image of Dani G, and her product which is Dani G Brow Transfers, a product that allows you to create perfectly defined brows in seconds.

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