Everything you should know about ‘bleached brows’

Everything you should know about ‘bleached brows’

It’s no secret that well-groomed brows can drastically change the appearance of your face. Whether you prefer your brows to be thick or thin, arched or straight, fluffy or filled in, etc., will greatly affect the final look. It should come as no surprise that using bleach to blind them also offers a radically distinct appearance; still, this look is currently taking over social media, and although we NEVER thought we would say this, we’re HERE for it.

Yes, even though we’ve spent years grooming, growing, and colouring our brows, we’ve now decided to turn things completely around and bleach those bad boys. If Versace says bleach your brows, you bleach your brows, right? Hailey Bieber was one of the first to start the trend’s most recent phase, and it’s just gaining popularity.

To cut a long story short, it undoubtedly has a moment in Hollywood. In fact, everyone has tried it, including Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams and celebrities Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry.

For her amazing Tinkerbell cosplay on American Idol, Katy Perry did it; for Kim Kardashian, it was a test run for a honey blonde photoshoot; and for Maisie Williams, well, it seems like she just thought it looked great. Which, it must be said, very certainly does.

But that’s not all; Hollywood has been embracing the bleached brow trend! For a photo shoot, Lizzo lightened her brows, Gigi Hadid tried the look while walking down the Versace runway, and Barbie Ferreira lightened her own brows after going from brunette to bronde.

That filter on TikTok and Kim Kardashian’s most recent Interview magazine “American Dream” cover shot with photographer Nadia Lee Cohen gave the bleached brow trend a second wind. After the cover girl revealed a sneak peek of her blonde brows on Instagram, searches for “bleached brows” on TikTok increased by an estimated 212%.

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