Male Brow Grooming

Male brows are different to female brows and tend to have a tendency to grow super long, wild and free. Whilst most guys aren’t looking for the precision brow, it’s really easy to just follow a few simple steps to keep those brows looking groomed and in shape without changing their natural look

To groom your brows you will need:

  • A pair of sharp tweezers
  • Nail scissors or Brow HQ precision scissors
  • A comb or spoolie brush
  • Optional – brow styling soap and/or skinny pencil


1. Using your comb or spoolie brush, start by brushing the hairs upwards so that any long, unruly brow hairs are visible.

2. Take your precision/nail scissors and trim the brow hairs that are too long. Brush up and trim again until the long ones are under control and a similar length to the rest of the brow hairs.

3. Next you need to tweeze any hairs that are growing out of the brow area (the unibrow hairs and those at the end of the brow)

4. To check where brows should start – take a pencil or you comb and place it vertically at the bridge of your nose, creating a straight line up to your brow. This is where your brows should start. Any hairs that are in the middle of brows and out of this line should be plucked away. (Top tip – If you have very thick course hairs, place a hot flannel on the brow area before tweezing, the heat will open the pores and make it easier for the hair to come out)

5. To check where the brows should end – take the same pencil/comb and place it diagonally from the bridge of the nose to the corner of the eye. This is where your brow should end. Any hairs growing further out should be plucked away.

6. Tidy up underneath – Go easy here and just pluck the obvious hairs. Take a good look at the brows in your mirror and any rogue hairs that are obviously growing underneath where the natural brow is should be plucked away. Taking too many from underneath will make the brows look too perfect so be sure to just take the strays!

7. Add product – Brow styling soaps and pencils are great for keeping hairs in place or adding in to areas where there may be gaps. After you have groomed the brows, don’t be afraid to use natural styling soaps or gels to keep your brows held in that neat formation. Pencils such as the skinny pencil can also be used to fill in any gaps or where there is a scar to even out the look.