New Trends in 2024: Get your Brows on Point!

New Trends in 2024: Get your Brows on Point!

Here at BROW HQ, we’re all about keeping our fingers on the pulse of the latest brow trends. Our founder Leisa has a knack for predicting what’s about to be hot, and we’re excited to share her top 3 picks for 2024 with you!

1. Tiny Tattoos:

They’re taking Hollywood by storm! Bella Hadid’s angel wings, Kylie Jenner’s hip ink, and Rihanna’s fine line scripts are just a few examples of why tiny tattoos are the hottest trend right now. We offer them at our award-winning salon, and we have an exclusive course coming up that you won’t want to miss!

2. Lamination:

This one’s not going anywhere! Get ready for even more bespoke solutions, like the “sophisticated lami,” “male lami,” and “keratin lami.” Technique and products are constantly improving, so your dream brows are just a lamination away. Book your bespoke treatment or a course with our award-winning tutors now!

3. Male Brows:

We saw a huge rise in male grooming and brows in 2023, and we’re thrilled! Gender-neutral and self-care are finally getting the recognition they deserve. We offer a full menu of gender-neutral and male treatments in our salon, including the ever-popular Male Microblading. Our exclusive Advanced Microblading course covers this hairstroke pattern, so you can learn to give the guys flawless brows too.

4. Eyebrow Extensions: The Future of Brows?

It may sound wild, but we think eyebrow extensions are coming. We’re exploring them here at BROW HQ, and we’ll keep you posted. They’re definitely popping up on TikTok, and when done well, they could be a game-changer!

eyebrow extension

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We want to hear your thoughts on these trends! Which ones are you excited about? What else do you think is going to be big in 2024? Share your thoughts in the form below!

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