Press‘Salon of the Year’ Brow HQ launches their At Home Brow Spa Routine   

Brow HQ, Chester’s leading brow and skin clinic, has just launched their At Home Brow Spa Routine for Brows, Body and Soul, following three years of research and refinement.  The holistic and indulgent set includes their Miracle Oil, Eye Massage Rollers and Eternal Eye Patches.


Brow Spa was created by Brow HQ founder Leisa Roberts and her award-winning team.  With decades of experience in the Beauty Industry and a lifelong passion for building confidence through award-winning brows and treatments, Leisa recognised the need for an At Home treatment that integrated wellness, homecare, self-love, and uncompromised quality. Leisa took the best of their in-salon touches and working with the best facialists, holistic therapists and British chemists formulated the indulgent set.


The Miracle Oil, a multi-purpose ‘miracle in a bottle’ is at the heart of the Brow Spa routine.

It is a carefully curated blend of premium, ethically sourced ingredients, meticulously selected for their rejuvenating qualities and holistic advantages. The oil promotes growth, nourishment and conditioning to optimise brow health and can be used on the skin to boost hydration, enhance barrier function and soothe inflammation. 24k gold safeguards against collagen and elastin degradation, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Miracle oil’s blend of essential oils, including rosemary and neroli, also offers stress relief, reduces tension and brings a sense of calm.


The Brow Spa Eternal Eye Patches are made from medical- grade silicone, and are fully sustainable, re-usable and can be used time after time. The first step is to apply the Miracle Oil followed by positioning the Eternal Eye patches, beneath the eyes. By sealing in the moisture and revitalisting the delicate under eye skin, they help to diminish dark circles and puffiness. These eye patches are the under-eye sidekick for depuffing, absorbing and calming.


Finally, the Eye Massage Rollers are the luxury go to self-care tool for relaxing, rejuvenating and soothing the eyes and face. The specially designed opulent gold eye massage roller is designed to help role away signs of fatigue and is versatile enough to be chilled, gently warmed or used at room temperature and glides effortlessly over the eyes, brows, forehead, and temples to enhance product absorption, promote circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage.


Leisa Roberts founder and CEO of Brow Spa comments; “We believe in giving everybody the opportunity whether in the salon or at home to have a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity where you can reset, refresh and enhance your natural beauty in a fast-paced world.  With Brow Spa, the mission is to connect brows, body and soul by offering the highest quality products and expertise for enhancing beauty, self-care and overall well-being. “


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Brow HQ, is an award winning leading brow and skin clinic with its HQ in Chester. The clinic, its products and its visionary training academy offer unrivalled access to exclusive treatments carried out by industry leading professionals.


Brow HQ is a symbol of brow and skin excellence, continually pushing boundaries in what’s expected.  As such the clinic is multi award winning and constantly developing and perfecting its treatment methods, services, and product ranges to ensure its treatments and products provide an unforgettable experience.