Leisa Roberts, founder of Brow HQ in Chester experienced her own issues with hair thinning and insecurity and was compelled to find a solution to help others.

Introduced to the Alopecia community, Leisa explained “My heart broke hearing stories form alopecia sufferers so I began offering reduced cost semi-permanent microblading brow treatments. I then met Dani G, a beauty influencer from Newcastle who had suffered with alopecia since the age of one. Dani didn’t want microblading after coming to terms with her Alopecia. I was overwhelmed hearing Dani’s life story and wanted to use my 30 years’ experience in the beauty industry to help find a solution.

Dani, like many other hair loss sufferers, was struggling with poor quality products that lasted a few hours at best. Brow HQ worked for over 18 months to perfect an affordable product that is both modern and stylish, super easy to use and lasts up to 3 days. Our goal is to save you time and make you feel more confident through great brows… your way.”

Brow HQ Brow Transfers can be used by individuals who are currently living with alopecia or brow hair loss as well as those undergoing medical treatment which may have caused hair loss.

A close-up image of Dani G, and her product which is Dani G Brow Transfers, a product that allows you to create perfectly defined brows in seconds.

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