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Danielle Gilbert, 24 is a beauty influencer from Newcastle and has suffered with alopecia since the age of one. She has always used her platform to raise awareness of her condition with the hopes of changing society’s perceptions of beauty standards.

Over the years, she has grown a huge following on both her instagram and Tik Tok by creating beauty looks catering to those with alopecia or other hair loss conditions on her social media.


See HERE for her TIK TOK.

“With this collaboration, we really wanted to just help people gain and grow confidence while transforming their image. Having had alopecia all my life, I understand the impact something like this can have not only on confidence, but self acceptance. Hair loss sufferers lack products that are modern and affordable; with Brow HQ I’ve been able to create an affordable product that is both modern and stylish and provides a little helping hand for those who are struggling on their journey. I know for myself, it would have made my life a little easier.” 

   Dani G

A close-up image of Dani G, and her product which is Dani G Brow Transfers, a product that allows you to create perfectly defined brows in seconds.

Dani G
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