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HighBrow is one of the UK’s leading Brow Training Schools and Certified Academy, providing the best Brow Training designed to meet the diverse needs of students at all levels.
Beginners Microblading Skills – 3 Days
(No experience necessary)

This Microblading course is designed at base level to ensure all of our new Microblading Artists have absolutely everything they need to begin their successful Microblading careers. Students will learn the extensive theory including anatomy, health and safety, brow design, product and technique knowledge before moving onto lots of practise on practise skins and then when ready, will work on a live model and simulate a real life experience.

Students will be personally taught and supported throughout this entire course by our Master Trainer Leisa Roberts and Shelly, who not only give you the most solid foundation to begin your success but share all of their learnings, tips and tricks that will set you apart from the rest!.

Cost – £1795.00
Income projections based on 3 treatments a week £52,000

For more information on our courses and dates, please fill in your details and we will be in touch.

14/15/16 September 2020 –  Fully Booked

9/10/11 November 2020 – 1 place available

18/19/20 January 2021 – 3 places available

1/2/3 March 2021 – 4 places available

Microblading Lessons Chester
Microblading Training Academy Chester
Microblading to Machine Conversion Course – 2 days

Our awesome conversion course is designed for experienced Microblading Artists wanting to add to their existing skills and become an all round Brow Expert.  You will learn how to create powder brows, combination brows, machine hairstroke brows, ombre brows and will then have all the tools in your brow toolkit to offer a fully rounded service to every single client. You will be able to treat all skin types and tailor make your clients brows to perfection!

This course is a must have add-on for all Microblading Artists and includes theory, needle choices, handpiece, machine movements and techniques, pigment choices, demonstrations, work on practise skins and then a live model.

Students will complete the whole client process with personal tuition, feedback and guidanace from our world renowned Educator Candice Watson and will then go on to perform case studies independantly with our full support. Once all case studies are submitted and apprived students will receive their certificate of qualification as a digital Brow Artist!

Cost – £1995 including pre-course study, full starter kit and certification.

22/23rd November 2020 – Limited spaces

24/25th January 2021 – 4 places available

Brow Lamination – 1 day

This full day course covers and will equip you with everything you need to know about the most in-demand brow treatment!

We will walk you through the theory, techniques, products, treatment and health and safety during our morning session. During the afternoon, there will be a practical session including a demonstration, step by step practical techniques and then an opportinity to have your own Lamination treatment under the guidance of our experts.

Cost – £199 including pre-course study, full starter kit and certification.

3rd August 2020 –  1 place available

5th October 2020 – Limited spaces

16th November 2020 – 4 places available

11th January 2021 – 4 places available

Advanced Microblading – 1 day

Our advanced Microblading course is designed for experienced Microblading Artists wanting to accelerate their skills and set their work apart!

We take you on a journey from troubleshooting and addressing your individual concerns to a whole new High Brow world of manual shading, detailed hair-stroke techniques (including ‘Fluffy Brows), retention tips and tricks and how to work with difficult skins.

Your work will advance considerably after this intense course so be prepared to be very busy!

Cost – £795

20th October 2020 – Limited spaces

26th January 2021 – 4 places available

16th March 2021 – 4 places available

Microblading Training In Cheshire

Other Courses

Microblading to Machine Conversion – 3 Days

SPMU – 5 Days