Bespoke Signature Facial

Here at our salon in Chester we want everyone to walk out glowing and feeling confident. This facial does just that and is designed for long-term skin health as we will deliver active ingredients into the lower layers of your skin, providing you with a glow that lasts. All our solutions, combine triple cleansing, peel applications, masks, serum and nourisher/SPF are chosen to fit your individual needs to transform dull, lifeless and problematic skin.

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A woman is lying on a massage table in a spa. She is getting a bespoke signature facial from a beautician.


Our high performance signature facial is completely tailored to your individual skin condition and needs. Prior to your appointment we will ask you to fill out a simple skin questionnaire so we get aa good understanding of how you feel about your skin and what areas of concern you have.

Your highly skilled skin specialist will blend a bespoke mix of active ingredients, the latest technologies and modalities such as LED light therapy, enzyme or peel solutions together as required to optimise your results and provide you with a glow that lasts. We add in lymphatic massage, nutritional supplements and a wellness drink to make this facial the ultimate treatment for your skin, body and mind.

At the end of facial your therapist will advise you on products you can buy to help maximise your results at home.




Chester City Centre

Duration: 75 mins

Cost: £95

Patch test: No

Consultation required: No

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This facial treatment can be tailored to absolutely everyone. You might have an event coming up and you just want your skin to have that amazing glow.

This is also so perfect for those with specific skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation and many more. So if you are ready to start your skin journey then this is a amazing place to start!


Bespoke prescriptive facials may be prescribed as part of your skin journey, chosen as a course of 2 weeks apart for the ultimate skin health. Or can be done as a one of treatment.

What’s even better is that we have an amazing range of products from Image Skincare you can purchase at our salon in Chester to look after your skin and get the best results at home in-between treatments!


A woman is lying on a massage table in a spa. She is getting a bespoke signature facial from a beautician.