It’s been a very exciting few months for us here at Brow HQ. With the launch of our fantastic new Brow Styling Soap, re-opening the doors to the salon after lockdown, and now welcoming our newest member of the team, Jess!

Jess is our Threading Queen, and with 7 years experience, we feel extremely lucky to have her bring her knowledge and experience to Brow HQ.

Last week, we sat down with Jess to find out more about her passion for Brow Artistry…

Q. You’re new to Brow HQ, what are you most excited about when joining the team?

A. Yes I’m starting in June! I’m so excited to be working with inspiring and passionate women and also making clients look and feel beautiful. 

Q. What’s your favourite things about what you do?

A. I love threading I’ve been threading for 7 years also making clients look and feel their best giving them the best possible brows 

Q. If you didn’t train in Brows, what would you like to do?

A. I would have liked to have been a skin specialist, I’ve always been interested in the latest beauty products and researching about acne treatments and wanting clients  to feel happy and confident in the skin their in. 

Q. What advice would you give anyone wanting to train in brow artistry? 

A. I would say practice makes perfect especially with threading it takes real skill.

Q. What, if anything, different will you bring to Brow HQ?

A. Most definitely threading, it is such a popular treatment.

Q. What fun trends do you see coming over the next year or ones you’d like to see!

A. I’d say glittery brows and bright colours!

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