What have we learned from Covid – 19?

Over the last few months, it’s safe to say that the entire world has been shaken by the Covid-19 situation, In particular, the beauty industry. We were told to shut & have been required to stay closed for the longest of all sectors due to the proximity of how close we work with our clients. This is totally understandable & safety first has ALWAYS been our main concern.

When this first happened, we like many other businesses of course had a sense of panic. What am I going to do now? Where will my income come from? What will we give to our clients in terms of content etc? The questions were endless! Over the last few weeks & months, we have had to learn to adapt & pretty quickly. We no longer had client interaction or appointment books full to the brim. We couldn’t even provide courses to our fabulous students which we love doing so much!

With that, we decided we had to do something. And we did.

Over the last few weeks & months, we have been quietly working away on a fabulous new product which will be coming your way VERY soon & to say we are excited about this is an understatement! This product has been in development long before Covid; however, with the pandemic surfacing this has really given us time to give this the love & care it needs to be the best of the best! This product is bang on trend & designed to provide all brow lovers a safe, at home salon quality treatment to keep your brows fluffy & fabulous without even setting foot outside your door.

We really didn’t want to let our clients down during this period & have still been focusing on providing content for our socials, interaction at all times & of course any questions you have for Leisa & the team regarding all things brow – you can still get in touch via the online form. We are also in the process of creating exciting new video content for both social & educational purposes & look forward to collaborating with a lot of fabulous friends we’ve e-met during lockdown!

And of course, preparing for our fabulous new product launch – more news to follow but for now it’s TOP SECRET!

We know it’s not been easy but we’re nearly there!
Not long until we can see your gorgeous faces again & get those brows back on point!

Stay Safe,

High Brow Team